ISO 50001 Energy Standard Taking Hold Worldwide

ECEEE Presentation Highlights ISO 50001 Industrial Efficiency Gains

Jeff Perkins for Zondits, June 6, 2014

Thomas Björkman of the Swedish Energy Agency shows that the ISO 50001 energy standard is taking hold worldwide. The graph shows that as of April 2014, over seven thousand Thomas-Björkman-Presentationcertificates have been issued worldwide and the rate is increasing rapidly. With energy efficiency being a process of incremental gains, all of the concepts of continuous improvement associated with the other ISO standards become a natural fit. The logic is simple and clear so it is really no surprise that top performing industrial companies are embracing the standard. The US DOE, Swedish Energy Agency and 9 other members have formed a partnership to share experiences and promote “Global Superior Energy Performance.”


Links to learn more about the program can be found here:


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