Dummies Double Down in Ohio

Jeff Perkins for Zondits, October 1, 2014

Just when you thought you had heard it all, along comes another round of blind self-interest masquerading as care and concern. If you have been reading Zondits you know: the background of the battle for efficiency in Ohio, the who’s who, and that these programs work. This  article from the Plain Dealer indicates that the next round of this battle will be tougher still.


Energy efficiency should be “customer driven,” says FirstEnergy executive, defending the company’s efforts to dismantle state efficiency rules

Cleveland.com, September 24, 2014

Excerpts from the article:

Embracing opt out:

FirstEnergy is poised to amend its energy efficiency programs to allow large customers to opt out of them.

First Energy has long dis-liked efficiency:

FirstEnergy has tried to get the program changed or scuttled since at least 2012. Other utilities appear to have designed programs enabling them to profit from the rules.

The EPA Clean Air Act Section 111(d) proposal will be attacked too:

Ridmann doubted that the U.S. EPA would be able to mandate efficiency programs. He said the proposal was “premature.”

Efficiency programs are too costly, but legal fees are good to go:

Samuel Randazzo, general counsel for the Industrial Energy Users — Ohio, a group representing some of the state’s largest industries, said the problems with the proposed EPA rule are “comprehensive” and noted that Ohio has joined with other states to file preemptive litigation for prevent the U.S. EPA to move forward. “What we are going to see is litigation, litigation, litigation over a substantial period of time,” he said of the EPA proposal, “complicating business decisions that have to be made on both sides of the meter.”

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