Drivetrain Efficiency: It’s the System, Stupid!

Jeff Perkins for Zondits, May 2, 2014

In industrial settings, often times the savings in energy consumed by a motor is but one piece of the total savings opportunity. Opportunities exist across the entire drivetrain between motor and load. Optimization of the entire system will unlock the greatest savings potential of all. So if you are looking at the motor, you should evaluate the whole system.


Bauer Electro-Mechanical Application Solutions offer efficient integration of the drivetrain in any industry 

Process and Control Today Ltd, April 24, 2014

Depending on the industry, environment and requirements of any given application, there are many different methods of transferring power from mains supply to machine. But no matter what the layout of the drivetrain, there will always be some solutions that offer smoother integration and better efficiency than others. Bauer supplies Electro-Mechanical Application Solutions that guarantee every component is hand-picked for the application, and integrated as efficiently as possible.

Energy efficiency is a hot topic across every industry at the moment, but without fully understanding all the components within the drivetrain, only a fraction of the potential savings can be realised. Throughout the drivetrain the potential energy savings are distributed via the ZVEI model:

10% via improved efficiency of the motor
30% via electronic speed regulation
60% via optimisation of the mechanical system

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