Deloitte Connects Office Lighting with the IoT

Lighting features in Internet of Things system at new Deloitte headquarters

Plus Plastic Electronics, January 23, 2015

New headquarters built in Amsterdam for consultancy Deloitte have incorporated lighting into an Internet of Things (IoT) system, for smart management of the offices.

Nippon Electric Glass presented G-Leaf on the show floor. Source: Smithers ApexDetails of the integrated smart system were presented by Philips, the lighting supplier on the project, at the recent Lighting Japan 2015 event in Tokyo, on 14-16 January.

Jeff Cassis, ‎senior vice president of global lighting systems at Philips Lighting, discussed the role of lighting in the office system during his presentation on ‘The promise and potential of digital light.’

Cassis explained in his keynote presentation: ‘Connected lighting for offices means creating value beyond illumination. Lighting can be used to create a digital ceiling infrastructure, as a pathway for information and data.’

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