Deep Savings Projects Providing Measurable Savings

Deep Energy Savings in Commercial Buildings

Stephen Achilles, Mike Rovito, & Phill Guay for Zondits, August 15, 2013

Ninety percent of the buildings that will be here in 2035 have already been built. Buildings account for almost 80 percent of energy used in cities worldwide. Energy researchers in the Northwest and Northeast are focused on the same goal: finding ways to achieve deep energy savings in these buildings. Both regions are energy-efficiency leaders, and they are facings the challenge of how to get cheaper and deeper savings after the obvious and easy-to-implement steps have been taken, Taking on the challenge of achieving deep energy savings is a critical next step to achieve the growing goals for energy efficiency being placed upon utilities. The deep saving projects that have been completed are characterized by both measurable savings and by comfort improvements that will provide owners an opportunity to realize a greater rate of return on their buildings.

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