Decentralization, Intelligence and Safety Guide New Motor Designs

Trends in Industrial Motors & Drives

Design News, February 18, 2014

New motor and drive systems are continuing to focus on several main design goals: more intelligent performance, higher energy efficiency, and flexible integration options. The result is macro trends that are putting increased focus on support for a broader set of motor types, advanced cooling options, and built-in safety features, along with tighter integration of motor-drive solutions and decentralized control.

Simplified system integration
“One of the main goals with the new ACS250 drive was to complete our microdrive portfolio of drive products, and to provide a microdrive solution that covers the most common voltages used in the US and globally,” Greg Semrow, product manager of Low Voltage Drives for ABB Inc., told Design News. With the industry providing drives for OEM machinery builders that sell equipment globally, a unique aspect of the product is an ability to provide a single-phase 115V input, and a three-phase 230V output for simple machine control. The ACS250 also provides a 600V microdrive for the Canadian market.

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