heating degree days

De-Buzzing Heating Degree Days (HDD) & Energy Use

Energy Efficiency Buzzwords De-Buzzed: Heating Degree Days

Penobscot Bay Pilot, February 12, 2015

Every industry does it. We use words that mean so much to us that we don’t realize that they’re meaningless to the rest of the world. This series – Energy Efficiency Buzzwords De-Buzzed – attempts to change that. Have a “green” word or phrase you want de-buzzed? Let Evergreen Home Performance know and we’ll add it to the series!

Today’s buzzword: Heating Degree Days

The colder it is outside, the harder our heating systems have to work to make our homes comfortable. Energy advisors and heating engineers quantify this common sense with something called heating degree days (HDD). Don’t be fooled by their name: heating degree days are calculated by subtracting the day’s average outside temperature from a base inside temperature of 65 degrees, so every winter day will equal many HDD.

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