Data Centers Offer Great Energy-Saving Potential

New Study: America’s Data Centers Consuming — and Wasting — Growing Amounts of Energy

Switchboard, August 26, 2014

All of our online activity — including email, internet use, social media, and conducting business — is delivered through nearly 3 million data centers across America, from small closets and larger server rooms, to mammoth “cloud” server farms. Their explosive growth is gulping huge amounts of energy, and despite some efficiency improvements much of it is still wasted.

Although well-known internet brands like Apple, Facebook, Google and others rightly pride themselves on the ultra-high efficiency of their immense data centers delivering search, social networking and other digital services to consumers and businesses alike, according to a new report from NRDC and Anthesis, these cloud server farms are responsible for less than 5 percent of total data center energy consumption in the nation, and are not representative of how the average U.S. data center operates.

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