Data Center Energy Efficiency Achieved by Eliminating Power Conversions

Edison DC Systems Announces Virtual Ground Technology

PRWEB,  January 29, 2014

Edison DC Systems (EDCS), a Wisconsin based electrical engineering company, today exhibiting at the Open Compute Summit V booth C-20, is announcing its Virtual Ground Technology, a new architecture for safely and efficiently distributing multiple megawatts of direct current (DC) power to IT server equipment. This is the next big opportunity for data center operators to focus on energy efficiency by eliminating wasteful power conversions from within their facilities according to John Meinecke, CEO of EDCS. Our direct current (DC) data center topology eliminates the need for the inefficient conversions back to alternating current (AC) for distribution in the data center says Meinecke.

EDCSs direct current UPS solution leverages the companys Virtual Ground Technology to tightly manage and control how DC power reacts in a distribution system. Using EDCSs advanced architecture and monitoring systems, breakers in the distribution system will respond to faults in a similar way as AC systems. This predictable system behavior allows DC to be scaled, while retaining the innate efficiencies of a 380Vdc data center system.

Virtual Ground Technology removes the system size limitations currently encountered in resistively grounded direct current UPS systems, says Mitch Nelson, Vice President of business development.

Recent innovations in power electronic design allow EDCS to create more effective topologies through Virtual Ground Technology. Benefits include improved connections to backup systems, redundant parallel UPSs, direct integration of renewables, microgrid applications, and low distortion IT power supplies. These capabilities improve operator safety, system reliability, and increase end-to-end efficiency.

About Edison DC Systems

Grafton, Wisconsin based Edison DC Systems is a growing power electronic engineering company specializing in direct current applications and implementations. The targeted industries include data centers, integration of renewables with DC microgrids, and electric vehicle fast chargers. Please contact us today to see how we can make your system more efficient using direct current. Power the way nature made it.