Building Efficiency

Crowd Comfort Involving Building Occupants in Energy Efficiency Equation

Are Smartphone Users the Missing Link in Building Efficiency?

GreenTech Efficiency, June 4, 2014

The newest energy-efficient buildings are filled with sensors and network and control technology. But the human beings who benefit from those technologies are often left out.

That’s too bad, because humans can be important judges of temperature, lighting quality and other key building operating metrics, and could feed back their data to make these processes even more accurate and efficient.

This is the loop that Boston-based startup Crowd Comfort wants to close with its crowdsourcing platform that gets building occupants involved in the energy efficiency equation. Since its founding last year, it’s raised $273,000 in seed funding and built a beta version of its platform, which combines geolocation stickers pasted around buildings with iOS, Android and web apps that ask people to tell the system about the light, heat, airflow and occupancy where they’re standing.

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