Creating a Winning Energy Efficiency Business Case

4 Tips to Create A Winning Energy Efficiency Business Case

Noesis Energy, February 21, 2013

While there are lots of low hanging fruit (low/no cost and O&M activities) out there, the most significant opportunities to reduce energy usage require retrofits and upgrades in order to capture the benefit.  Capital investment decisions need to be made by business stakeholders before projects can get off the ground.

There are many reasons why these efforts don’t get started, varying from the trivial to significant hurdles that must be overcome.  While every company is different, a lot of these issues come up again and again with decisions makers – awareness of energy usage, visibility into opportunities, and uninspiring business cases.

Understanding these common barriers can help you better prepare to make the case and result in more projects getting started.

Here is what is covered in this paper to help you be more successful when it comes to getting energy efficiency projects off the ground:

• Building the Case for Energy Efficiency Projects

• Effective Financial Communications

• How to Pitch your Project

• Turning Energy Savings into a Continuous Process

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