Connecticut Could Serve as a Model for Implementing PACE Financing

The Inside Story of How Connecticut Became So Influential in Energy Efficiency Finance

GreenTech Efficiency, July 8, 2014

Back in May, news broke in Connecticut that CEFIA, the state’s green bank, had inked a deal with specialty investor Clean Fund to bundle and securitize $30 million of PACE loans for energy retrofits in commercial buildings.

For a small group of people, it was very big news. Could this event be the key that unlocks vast stores of institutional capital sitting on the sidelines? Did it signal to the investment community that energy efficiency as a standalone asset class has arrived?

It’s still too soon to know if this really will be the deal that opens the floodgates of the capital markets. But, turning point or not, it will certainly have an impact on the broader landscape of the energy efficiency industry.

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