Combined Refrigeration / HVAC CO2 Plant Yields Savings

CO2 can reduce specific HVAC energy consumption

Climate Control News, May 7, 2014

Using published data, Visser said it has been clearly proven that Co2 refrigeration, when used for both cooling and heating, can reduce specific HVAC energy consumption in office buildings and hospitals by 30 to 40 per cent.

“If the refrigeration, and AC cooling and heating functions in supermarkets are integrated into one central Co2 plant, even greater energy savings will accrue,” he said.

“It isn’t difficult or expensive to convert existing CO2/HFC cascade systems to full CO2 operations.

“The link between Co2 supermarket refrigeration and AC is that the AC compressors enhance the efficiency of the refrigeration compressors. A world first Co2 plant of the type needed for supermarkets after a slight modification has been operating at Exquisite in Melbourne for more than three years now.”

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