Colorado PUC Weighs Roll Back of Excel’s Efficiency Programs

Landmark policy helping Coloradans save during cold spell

Fox 31 Denver, December 9, 2013

DENVER — The landmark energy program which was put in place in 2007 by the State Legislature, is in danger of being cut back by the PUC.

The Utilities Commission is being asked to roll back many of the programs which realized tremendous savings for consumers and for for-profit utilities in the state.

“More than a million customers took advantage of programs that helped them improve efficiency of their homes and businesses which can reduce energy bills by about $500 a year,” said Quinn Chasan of CoPIRG. “The policy allowed Colorado to jump from 24th to 12th place in 2008 on the state-by-state report card of energy efficient states. But now the utilities are asking the PUC to scale back their energy savings programs for 2015-2020.”

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