Climate Change: Sour Milk for the World’s Coffee

Gita Subramony for Zondits, March 20, 2015

Can’t live without coffee? If climate change is allowed to continue unchecked, coffee beans might become hard to find. Coffee is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, since regions known for growing the crop have been plagued by periods of drought punctuated by extreme rainfalls. These climate extremes make growing less stable and also provide opportunity for pests to affect the crops. Add coffee to the list of reasons to support energy efficiency for greenhouse gas emissions reductions.


Climate Change Is Putting Your Morning Coffee At Risk

CityLab, March 16, 2015

Cherish your morning cup of joe? Well, enjoy it while it lasts. Coffee is among the most vulnerable crops to the effects of global warming, the U.S. government said last week.

“Coffee’s a temperature-sensitive crop,” and the rising temperatures caused by increased greenhouse gas emissions “put the world’s coffee-growing regions at risk,” said Gina McCarthy, head of the Environmental Protection Agency at the Council on Foreign Relations last Wednesday.

According to a much discussed 2012 study, at best, we can expect a 65 percent reduction of suitable growing locations for the most popular coffee plant, Arabica, by 2080. The worst case scenario is an almost 100 percent reduction. The plant accounts for about 70 percent of the world’s coffee production.

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