Is Climate Change Happening?

Over 2,900 Energy Experts Believe Climate Change is Happening

Energy Vortex, July 10, 2013

A recent survey of the Association of Energy Engineers’ (AEE) membership, based on 2,967 responses, has revealed that 83% of respondents believe climate change is happening (go to for full report), and 74% of those individuals believe that climate change is a manmade phenomenon, with 85% indicating that the federal government should take action to combat the negative effects of climate change. AEE members support the following options to reduce climate change:

  • Restrict emissions from coal-burning power plants: 69%
  • Adopt new energy efficiency standards for home: 77%
  • Increase automobile fuel economy standards: 77%
  • Pursue further development of renewable energy: 83%
  • Reduce reliance on carbon-based energy sources: 76%
  • Implement a national cap and trade marketplace: 37%
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