Clean Energy Investments Stalled in Ohio

Pause in mandate for clean energy chills alternatives

The Blade, January 14, 2015

Ohio’s two-year timeout on its mandate that utilities get more of their power from renewable and advanced technology sources has dampened investment in what were once booming solar and wind industries in the state, according to a study released Tuesday.

The nonpartisan Pew Charitable Trust looked at what Ohio’s decision to at least temporarily pause its march toward greener and more efficient energy is having on related industries.

“Historically, the large majority of our projects have been in Ohio, and moving forward we expect almost none of them to be,” said Jay Troger, CEO of Nextronex, a Toledo solar-component manufacturing company. He joined two other green power company executives in a panel discussion in support of the Pew study.

Lawmakers last year froze the annual benchmarks for renewable and efficiency requirements at their 2014 levels for the next two years while a special committee re-examines the standards and makes recommendations for possible legislative changes.

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