Clean Energy and Efficiency Create More Jobs Than Fossil Fuel

New Study Says Green Jobs Debate Should Be Looking Forward

Clean Technica, November 11, 2014

A new study conducted by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) provides more ammunition for proponents of green energy, showing that renewable energy and energy efficiency create up to ten times more jobs than fossil fuels. However, the authors prefaced their report by suggesting that the industry should look beyond the immediate employment benefits and short-term gains, and look towards long-term economic growth.

According to the study, conducted by UKERC’s Technology and Policy Assessment team, which analysed data from fifty studies published since 2000, found that on average:

  • Electricity from coal and gas creates 0.1-0.2 gross jobs per gigawatt-hour generated
  • Electricity from wind creates 0.05-0.5 gross job per gigawatt-hour generated
  • Energy efficiency creates 0.3-1.0 gross jobs per gigawatt-hour saved
  • Electricity from solar creates 0.4-1.1 gross jobs per gigawatt-hour generated
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