Chemical Processing Plants Shifting To Efficiency

Selecting right heat exchangers, the first step to energy efficiency

Business Standard, January 13, 2014

Energy costs are increasing day by day and, hence, energy efficiency is the key for profitability running of a chemical plant. Heat exchangers are one of the most important equipment in a chemical process plant which defines the energy efficiency of the plant. Hence, selecting a right heat exchanger becomes very important for chemical processing plant.

While shell and tube heat exchanger (STHE) have been prevalent in the industry for over 200 years, the plate heat exchanger (PHE) is in existence for over 50 year now. Then there are many special type of heat exchangers such as corrugated heat exchanger (CTHE), plate & shell heat exchangers, corrugated & finned tube heat exchanger, scraped surface heat exchanger, block heat exchangers and other proprietary/special heat exchangers for specific applications.

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