How Chains Can Reduce Power Consumption while Generating Revenues

Six Steps to Cut Your Chain’s Energy Costs

Convenience Store News, October 29, 2013

Whether you realize it or not, today’s convenience store owners and operators have a new range of tools in their belt these days when it comes to increasing their bottom line. One of the most immediate and impactful options is energy efficiency. Yes, the term is bandied about a lot these days, but for a reason: Convenience store owners are missing an opportunity to save up to 33 percent off their energy bills.

Clearly, managing energy usage can go a long way toward cutting costs and improving the profitability of your stores, but what many franchise leaders don’t realize is how easy it is to use energy more efficiently. And, perhaps most importantly, many of these options are free and require no additional operating expense. Here are the top five steps to lowering your store costs, while making additional income.

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