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HFCs Banned in Certain Applications in NY Under New Policy

12 Oct , 2020  

ammonia21.com, 10/12/2020. New York (U.S.) Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced on September 23 during Climate Week NYC 2020 that new regulations have been finalized to significantly reduce the use of HFCs in the state in the absence of federal regulations of the climate-warming gases. The New York regulations, originally proposed in 2018, will adopt 2015 and 2016 rules […]

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Cold-SNAP: the Newest and Coolest Technology in Refrigeration

5 Jun , 2020  

This article was originally published on coolingpost.com on May 10, 2020. USA: A Harvard University team has developed an indirect evaporative cooling system which can cool air without adding humidity at a fraction of the energy cost of traditional cooling units.  Evaporative cooling is a well established technology which works well in a number of […]

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Rotary Compressor Design Seeks Pathway into Refrigeration

1 Jun , 2020  

This article was published on coolingpost.com on April 26, 2020. UK: Buoyed by a further £720,000 of funding, an Edinburgh company has targeted the refrigeration industry as a potential market for its new design of rotary compressor. Vert Rotors is behind the development of a conical rotary compressor which is said to be capable of […]

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Study Verifies Savings for Viking Cold Thermal Energy Storage System

26 May , 2020  

Viking thermal energy storage system

Viking Thermal Energy Storage System Demonstrates Savings in Study ACHR News, December 5, 2017 Viking Cold Solutions, a supplier of thermal energy storage systems, announced that a Southern California utility, along with an independent third party energy management firm, ASWB Engineering, completed a field demonstration study of the Viking Cold thermal energy storage (TES) system. […]

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Tecumseh Reveals Soft Launch for Swap-Out Refrigeration System

30 Oct , 2019  

This article was originally published on hydrocarbons21.com on October 22, 2019. U.S. manufacturer Tecumseh is pursuing a “soft launch” in North America of a propane (R290)-based packaged refrigeration unit for self-contained display cases that can be wholly detached for easier maintenance. Dubbed the “Complete Refrigeration System” (CRS) – also IntelliCool – the unit is being […]

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Primer on Refrigeration Heat Rejection

21 Oct , 2019  

This article was written by Max Ma Refrigeration is about moving heat “uphill” from a cold place to a hot place. When the heat gets to the hot place, your refrigeration system rejects it like you reject bank fees – indignantly and as fast as possible. Heat rejection equipment comes in a variety of types. […]

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Fogel’s Cool R290 Propane-chilled Beer Coolers

18 Jul , 2019  

Fogel's R290

Fogel’s R290 coolers are used in sports stadiums and at retail outlets in U.S. states that allow branded equipment to be displayed.

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CO2 as the Refrigerant for Mobile AC Reduces Indirect Emissions

20 Mar , 2019  

mobile ac

Researchers from the Technical University of Braunschweig and Volkswagen have found a CO2-based heat pump to be the most efficient of four options studied for mobile air conditioning (MAC).

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Efficiency Vermont Pilots a CO2 Condensing Unit in a Supermarket

13 Mar , 2019  

utility demand response CO2 condensing

To justify end-user incentives, Efficiency Vermont will oversee a pilot comparing energy savings of a CO2 system to that of an HFC system. Efficiency Vermont, an efficiency utility under the auspices of the nonprofit Vermont Energy Investment Corp. (VEIC), is overseeing a test of a CO2 condensing unit in a supermarket, one of the first such installations […]


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Natural Refrigerants: CO2 vs. Hydrocarbons in Supermarkets

8 Aug , 2018  

grocery store refrigeration

How can retailers save money with natural refrigerants in the long run? As Europe’s food retail sector strives to improve its energy efficiency, Accelerate Europe compares how CO2 and hydrocarbons are helping to reduce energy consumption in supermarkets. Written by Charlotte McLaughlin, r744.com, July 17, 2018 Supermarkets are estimated to be responsible for around 3-4% of the total […]

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