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Register for Our Next Webinar on Indoor Agriculture and Energy Efficiency

11 Jun , 2020  

indoor agriculture The Cannabis Conservancy

In our next webinar, Nick Collins will share insights on opportunities for cannabis cultivation facilities and the energy dynamics of grow rooms.

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Industrial Technology, Process

Carbon Dioxide Utilized in New Role in Chemical Industry

6 May , 2020  

This article was originally published on processinddustryinformer.com on April 30, 2020. VTT and its business partners have launched a two-year project to develop a concept for a process to capture and utilise carbon dioxide. The aim is to utilise the carbon dioxide produced during bioenergy production as a raw material for specialty chemicals. As certain […]

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Industrial Technology, Process

Ammonia Heat Pump Reduces Carbon Footprint for Irish Dairy

3 Apr , 2020  

This article was originally published on ammonia21.com on 3/24/20. An ammonia (NH3) heat pump installed last year by Aurivo, Ireland’s second largest milk producer, has increased processing capacity by 80% while cutting its CO2 emissions by 80% by improving efficiency and downgrading oil-burning boilers. The heat pump, from GEA, is installed at the company’s Killygordon site, […]

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Industrial Technology, Process

Getting Technical with Industrial Process Heating

24 Jan , 2020  

Written by Kevin Boyd, ERS When most of us head into an audit of an industrial manufacturing facility, there are plenty of systems that we’re comfortable analyzing and making recommendations for. Lighting, HVAC, motors, and compressed–air systems are all things that we keep an eye on, and this is for good reason: We have well-established, […]

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Indoor Cannabis Cultivation at a Crossroads

30 May , 2019  

cannabis cultivators

Learn more about the numerous challenges faced by cannabis cultivators and energy efficiency professionals when it comes to designing and operating more efficient facilities

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Industrial Technology, Process

Vermont Beer Makers Delve into Energy Efficiency

6 Aug , 2018  

brewery beer industrial technology process

How Vermont beer makers brew up energy savings by Morgan Hood, Efficiency Vermont, vermontbiz.com, July 19, 2018 Big things are brewing at Magic Hat Brewing Company in South Burlington. That’s where skilled beer makers from five Vermont breweries gathered recently with energy efficiency experts from Efficiency Vermont, Burlington Electric Department, and Loureiro Engineering Associates for a three-day intensive dive into energy […]

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Desert Aire Technical Resource for Grow Rooms

28 Jun , 2018  

plant grow agriculture garden farm

Desert Aire Outlines Impact Of Grow Room Vapor Pressure Deficit On HVAC System Design In New Application Note 28 Crop yield improved by proper choices, integrated environmental control June 27, 2018 Desert Aire, a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidity and climate control systems, has published a new technical resource that explains how carefully […]

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Industrial Technology, Process, Program Evaluation, Programs & Policy

ACEEE Summer Study: Updating Steam Trap Savings Calculations

7 Jun , 2018  

The Need to Update Steam Trap Savings Calculations By Cameron Kinney, ERS for Zondits, June 7, 2018 Steam trap repair and replacement projects are currently the fourth-largest natural gas energy savings measure in Massachusetts. Program administrators (PAs) have been increasing their promotion of the measure in recent years due to its cost-effective nature, but evaluators […]

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Emerging Technology, Industrial Technology, Process

Saudi Arabian Reverse Osmosis Plant Demonstrates Energy Efficiency

25 May , 2018  

Saudi Arabia Sets Up Demo Plant To Boost Energy Efficiency In Reverse Osmosis Utilities-me.com, May 24, 2018 Saudi Arabia has commissioned Hitachi and Toray Industries to implement the ‘Demonstration Project for an Energy Saving Seawater Reverse Osmosis (RO) System’ in the Kingdom. The new system will be within the framework of “International Project for Increasing […]

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Brewing Company Runs With $4 Million Solar and Natural Gas Powered Unit

20 Feb , 2018  

Beer Maker Sierra Nevada Lauded for Energy Efficiency Energy Manager Today, January 19, 2018 Beer giant Sierra Nevada runs its massive brewing operations with energy from a $4 million unit that delivers solar energy and natural gas, with a slight draw from utility reserves. According to chicoer.com, the Chico, California-based company made its mark when it installed […]

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