Compressed Air

Process Effiiency

Strategic Ways to Cut the Costs of Compressed Air

While there are a number of fairly well known methods for keeping on top of energy consumption, and often we think we know it all – fix the leaks; change the filters; regularly maintain your compressor; ventilate; recover generated heat; invest in VSD, there are some lesser known yet clever ways to cut your bills further down.

Process Efficiency

New Standard to Improve Compressed Air Energy Assessments

For more than a decade, money wasted through compressed air leaks has often been cited as the number one quick fix manufacturers can take to begin getting a hold on their energy costs. Going back to 1998, a Department of Energy “Compressed Air Challenge” fact sheet notes that “leaks can be a significant source of wasted energy in an industrial compressed air system, sometimes wasting 20-30 percent of a compressor’s output.

Building Efficiency

Improving the Performance of Your Compressed Air System

The Compressed Air Challenge is a voluntary collaboration of industrial users; manufacturers, distributors and their associations; consultants; state research and development agencies; energy efficiency organizations; and utilities. This group has one purpose in mind — helping you enjoy the benefits of improved performance of your compressed air system.