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Electric Lawnmowers are Changing the Landscape

14 Jan , 2022  

Brian McCowan, Zondits staff, 1/14/22 Electrification – More than Heat Pumps and Automobiles News regarding the transition to electric end uses and the associated reliance on renewable energy typically focuses on automobiles and heat pumps. As the Zondits articles on electric backhoes illustrates, many additional opportunities exist for adopting the use of rechargeable electric equipment. […]

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Electric Backhoe One Step Closer to Breaking Ground

3 Dec , 2021  

Brian McCowan, dnv.com, 12/03/21. In January 2021, Zondits reported that John Deere and the electric and gas utility company National Grid were jointly testing a rechargeable all-electric powered backhoe at Massachusetts construction sites. Testing continued through the summer with the backhoe performing a variety of trenching, digging, and loading tasks. In late September, John Deere […]

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E-powered Backhoe to be Tested on National Grid Project Sites

11 Jan , 2021  

i-micronews.com, 1/11/21. John Deere, a manufacturer of construction equipment, and National Grid, an electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery company serving more than 20 million people throughout the Northeast, will joint test an electric backhoe concept. The John Deere developed, battery-powered, electric vehicle design – referred to as E-Power – will target the ease of operation and […]

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Celtic Tradition Brings Back Energy Efficiency Heroes of the Past

28 Oct , 2020  

Brian McCowan, ERS Halloween has its roots in the Celtic traditional celebration of Samhain, which first took place during the Iron Age (considered to be about 800 BC to 100 AD) in what is now Ireland and Scotland. Samhain began as a collection of rituals that recognized the end of summer, the completion of crop […]

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SmartHubs Project Making Major Headway in West Sussex

10 Jun , 2020  

This article was originally published on c-e-int.com on May 27, 2020. Data modelling, systems design, and detailed planning are all moving at full speed for the SmartHubs Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) project in West Sussex, with implementation planned to safely ramp up when lockdown restrictions ease. The timing of the project is apt as […]

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Study Verifies Savings for Viking Cold Thermal Energy Storage System

26 May , 2020  

Viking thermal energy storage system

Viking Thermal Energy Storage System Demonstrates Savings in Study ACHR News, December 5, 2017 Viking Cold Solutions, a supplier of thermal energy storage systems, announced that a Southern California utility, along with an independent third party energy management firm, ASWB Engineering, completed a field demonstration study of the Viking Cold thermal energy storage (TES) system. […]

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Ask the Expert: What is a Virtual Power Plant, or VPP? (Part 1)

9 Apr , 2020  

Written by Jeff Perkins, ERS In this two-part series, Zondits will explore virtual power plants as an emerging technology that serves as a dynamic and boundless collection of resources. Part 1 will focus on defining what exactly a VPP is and how it is unique from the common microgrid concept. Part 2, brought to us […]

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Snow Buildup No Longer an Issue for Solar Panels

10 Mar , 2020  

This article was originally published on energynews.us on 3.10. 2020. A Minnesota couple’s idea for keeping solar panels clear of snow is gaining traction after winning a $50,000 federal innovation prize. Solar panels work well in cold weather, but not as well if they are covered even partially by snow. The tilt of panels helps […]

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Wave Energy Converts to Electricity in Scottish Oceans

25 Feb , 2020  

This article was originally published on cnbc.com on Feb. 24, 2020. A marine services firm based in Scotland has been awarded a £1 million ($1.29 million) contract to provide a 50-ton wave energy converter designed to turn the movement of the sea into electricity. Malin Renewables will construct a half-scale version of the device, dubbed […]

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AWE Holds On to Uncertain Future After Losing Investor

24 Feb , 2020  

This article was originally published on greentechmedia.com on Feb. 19, 2020. Google parent company Alphabet has dropped its support for Makani Power, the highest-profile airborne wind energy company, raising questions about the sector’s future. GTM confirmed that other airborne wind energy (AWE) hopefuls, such as Ampyx Power and Kitenergy, are pressing ahead with technology tests despite […]

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