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Mercury Use for Efficient Lighting is Going Out of Style

24 Jul , 2020  

Published on eceee.org, July 24, 2020. The European Commission is currently assessing whether to ban mercury-based lighting under the RoHS Directive. A new report by the Swedish Energy Agency and CLASP on the availability of LED lamps in Europe shows that there is no technical or economic justification for mercury-based fluorescent lamps to remain on […]

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A Zondits Interview: GS Thermal Solutions and Their System Benefits to Indoor Growers

26 May , 2020  

GS Thermal Solutions

Jesse Remillard, ERS, for Zondits Connecticut’s GS Thermal Solutions has developed the premier commercial liquid-cooled LED grow light on the market. The company also specializes in grow-room engineering, with a focus on providing whole system designs for commercial growers that maximize efficiency. Zondits spoke with the CEO and Vice President of Business Development to understand […]

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LEDs Could Be Summer Vacation Plans for Maine Schools

25 Mar , 2020  

This article was originally published on energynews.us on 3.17.2020. Public schools in Maine this month can get extra financial assistance to install LED lighting. Aside from being a cleaner source of energy, efficiency experts say the new technology can save a lot of money in the long term for schools, where lights are one of […]

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LLLCs Shed Light on Future Commercial Energy Savings

20 Feb , 2020  

This article was originally published on neea.org on Feb. 11, 2020. Commercial buildings represent about 19 percent of U.S. energy use; of that, about 20 percent is lighting. To take the next big leap in lighting efficiency, the Northwest is turning to a promising solution: luminaire level lighting controls (LLLCs). LLLCs combine LEDs with integrated controls […]

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Moving the Lighting Market and Shifting Behavior

27 May , 2019  

lighting market

In less than three years, the Reduced Wattage Lamp Replacement initiative succeeded in moving the market from 10–15 percent low wattage (LW) market share to roughly 52 percent.

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LED Tariffs to Affect the Cost of Lighting in the US

22 Jun , 2018  

LED Lighting Retrofit best LED light bulbs

Prices set to rise as LED tariffs get go-ahead luxreview.com, June 18, 2018 The cost of lighting looks set to rise now that the US government has confirmed that Chinese lighting components will be hit with tariffs of up to 25 per cent. Light emitting diodes, filament lamps and HID lamps as well as aluminium […]

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Chicago’s Approach to Street Lamp Conversion Reduces LED Controversy

3 Apr , 2018  

LED-street-light smart city

Chicago dials down LED street lamp intensity — and controversy Written by Kevin Stark, energynews.us, March 7, 2018 As the city of Chicago begins converting more than a quarter-million street lamps to high-efficiency LEDs, the light — and public reaction — hasn’t been as harsh as what was seen in cities that were earlier adopters. “It’s […]

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Legal Loophole Denies Consumers Energy Savings

30 Mar , 2018  

Lighting standards loophole jeopardizes energy and cost savings for fluorescent tubes Written by Chris Granada, appliance-standards.org, March 23, 2018 A legal loophole has already denied American consumers expected energy savings from efficiency standards on fluorescent tubes. Unless it is closed, this loophole threatens additional missed savings, particularly for households and small businesses. General service fluorescent […]

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Largest Horticultural LED Job in History Is Boosting Food Supply in Russia

6 Nov , 2017  

horticultural LED

Russian project is ‘largest horticultural LED job in history’ A MASSIVE installation of LED lighting designed to boost food supply in Russia will be the largest horticultural LED lighting project in history. Over 120,000 luminaires will illuminate a greenhouse growing area of 25 hectares, equivalent in size to about 40 soccer pitches. It will significantly […]

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LED Lighting Efficiency Improvements Are Lowering the Electricity Demand

25 Oct , 2017  


LED lighting leads region’s energy efficiency improvements KTVZ.com news source, October 17, 2017 PORTLAND, Ore. – Lighting efficiency improvements, especially the growing market for LED lights, helped Northwest utilities reduce electricity demand in 2016. The efficiency improvements totaled 275 average megawatts, the average power demand of 184,000 Northwest homes, according to the Northwest Power and […]

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