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Furnaces Continue to Waste Gas Under Trump Administration

1 Oct , 2020  

aceee.org, 10/01/2020. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) moved one step closer today to blocking a future administration from cutting the amount of natural gas wasted by furnaces and water heaters. Two of the biggest energy needs in most buildings are heating the air and heating the water. According to DOE, they together account for 62% […]

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Register for Our Next Webinar on HVAC for Indoor Agriculture

14 Sep , 2020  

hvac for indoor agriculture marijuana industry

Join us for a Zondits Webinar Series event on September 24 to learn more about HVAC for indoor agriculture cultivation facilities.

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Heating to Become a Greater Focus in Decarbonization Efforts

26 Aug , 2020  

greentechmedia.com, June 5, 2020. Current conversations around the energy transition often focus on the power and transportation sectors. But decarbonization of other sectors, such as heat, is also critical to meeting national and regional climate targets. Heat makes up 35 percent of global energy consumption, and when it comes to space heating, direct combustion of fossil […]

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Thermal Storage Applications – A Trip to the Future

19 Mar , 2020  

Written by Max Ma, ERS In the pre-industrial world, those seeking refuge from the blistering summer heat might have turned to ice harvested from mountain tops or caves. Such a precious form of cool technology was made obsolete with the advent of mechanical air-conditioning. However, now that electric demand charges make us sweat more than […]

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NEEA Study Provides Insight on the Future of C-RTUs

5 Nov , 2019  

This report was originally prepared for and published by NEEA. Condensing rooftop units (C-RTUs) have been identified as an efficient natural gas technology with energy savings potential in Northwest commercial buildings. C-RTUs face several challenges in becoming a widespread technology, including higher upfront cost, added complexity managing condensate, contractor unfamiliarity with the technology, and limited […]

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Molecular Pumps Could Be Long-Term Replacement for Age-old Mechanical Pumps

22 Aug , 2019  

This article was originally written by Genoa Blankenship, pnnl.com, July 8, 2019 Greek mathematician and physicist Archimedes set off an historical evolution of the mechanical pump after he invented the screw pump around 200 BC. Despite the universal presence of the mechanical pump, a tool for moving gas or liquid, a replacement has long been […]

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The Demand for Geothermal is Rising

18 Jul , 2019  


This article originally appeared on ACHR News on March 11, 2019 The global geothermal market is forecasted to reach $4 billion in 2024 While geothermal still represents just a fraction of the overall energy market, a renewed interest in energy efficiency and clean, electric technologies is creating a favorable environment for growth. Per a December 2018 study […]

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CO2 Heat Pumps Become a Promising Solution for Hotels

27 May , 2019  

heat pumps

After six months of operation in a Norwegian hotel, an all-in-one CO2 heat pump saves 59-69% of energy compared to an electric boiler.

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Building Technology, Emerging Technology, HVAC

New Polaris AC Uses Hydrocarbon Blend Refrigerant

5 Apr , 2019  


Polaris Technologies has launched a ducted air-conditioning unit based on natural refrigerant propane (R290) in a hydrocarbon blend.

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Myths of Ductless Technology Debunked

14 Nov , 2018  


The Top 10 Myths of Ductless Technology And the Top Mini-Split Myths Are … Written by Robert Beverly, achrnews.com, November 14, 2018 Some beliefs, like Greek mythology, last for generations because they contain a valuable lesson. Others, like these, are just ready to become ancient history. Here are 10 myths about VRF, mini split, and ductless […]

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