Capturing Industrial Process Savings

Capturing Programmatic Savings in the Industrial Sector

Lucy Neiman with Mark D’Antonio, Wendy MacPherson, Richard Rappa, and Thomas Hudgens for Zondits, January 15, 2014

Across the country, energy efficiency programs are facing substantially increasing goals for MWh and Btu reductions. This holds true in New York and with increased goals come increased challenges for program administrators to achieve greater penetration in targeted sectors. One area of opportunity is the industrial sector, specifically with process and production efficiency enhancements. Enormous potential for process savings exists, but capturing programmatic savings is difficult as process projects can be complex, require considerable capital, have long approval and implementation cycles, and often involve internally guarded information. The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) has implemented an aggressive Focus on Industry and Process Outreach approach for the industrial sector (including data centers) in order to increase program participation in NYSERDA’s targeted Industrial & Process Efficiency (IPE) program. The IPE program services existing and new facility projects and incentivizes improvements including O&M measures, productivity improvements (Lean, 6 Sigma), and manufacturing measures that result in reduced “energy per unit of production.” The outreach effort is led by a team of contractors with specialized expertise that identify and deeply engage with stakeholders, trade allies, economic development entities, and customers to effectively identify opportunities, support project development, submit applications, and deliver guidance for the program. This approach results in long-term relationships, facilitates continuous efficiency improvements, and increases the programmatic savings captured.

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