Canada’s First Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant

Canada’s 1st Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant Almost Ready To Roll

Cleantechnica, March 22, 2015

Canada’s first concentrated solar thermal plant is opening up in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Known as the “Gas City” with its natural gas reserves, Green Energy Futures reports that the city will house a 1-megawatt (MW) project, making this the most northern-based concentrated solar thermal plant… and also one of the smallest ones out there.

Back eight years ago, Medicine Hat began charting a course towards a more sustainable energy path with Hat Smart. The program nearly gave $4 million in rebates between 2008 and June, 2014. This helped residents with economic incentives to do energy audits, along with buying more energy-efficient fridges and air conditioners. Hat Smart  also helped create various small-scale solar projects.

However, the showpiece of Medicine Hat’s sustainable development plan is this concentrated solar thermal project.

Medicine Hat Mayor Ted Clugston said they had to change and better diversify their energy mix, moving away from just using natural gas. The new 1 MW plant will coincide with the city’s 204 MW natural gas plant, in Canada’s sunniest city. Medicine Hat has even more sunshine than Miami, Florida!

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