California’s EE Programs Show Continued Progress

California’s Efficiency Good News Story Part 1: Energy-Saving Programs Show Ongoing Progress

Switchboard, December 19, 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, it’s a good time to highlight how California is trying new ways to help homeowners, businesses, governments, and industries cut energy waste while continuing a 40-year record of energy efficiency success.

The state’s four largest privately owned and nearly 40 publicly owned utilities (with the help of their partners) have been major drivers in energy efficiency initiatives for decades, offering a variety of programs to help the 38 million Californians cut energy waste. In fact, as a result of the $1 billion invested annually, these programs reduced enough energy in the past two years alone to save customers an impressive $850 million on their energy bills after accounting for costs. The energy savings are also more than enough to power all of the homes in the County of Fresno and cut the same amount of carbon pollution that comes from more than 300,000 cars.

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