California Evaluation Site Gets a Makeover

California Energy Efficiency Statistics

Caifornia Public Utilities Commission, November 13, 2013

The California Public Utilities Commission has launched a new website, California Energy Efficiency Statistics, that will host evaluation data and reports. The site’s most exciting new feature is the Energy Efficiency Data Portal, which can automatically populate graphs on electric and gas savings, emission reductions, and cost effectiveness. The portal enables easy cross comparisons of programs by utility, sector, program type, and other aspects. Savings and expenditures by end use and building type are available: for example, interior lighting represents over 4,000 GWh of savings in the current portfolio, roughly 6 times the next highest contributing end-use. The portal enables users to peel back the layers on California’s energy efficiency programs with just a few clicks.

In addition, documents pertaining to regulatory proceedings and evaluation are contained on the site. The Public Documents Area, previously a standalone search function for finding evaluation research deliverables, has migrated to the new website. In addition, program implementation plans and filed regulatory reports are also stored on the hub. Finally, links to additional resources such as the deemed savings and costs database (the Database for Energy Efficiency Resources or DEER) and the cost-effectiveness calculators can be found on the site as well.

The new website brings important, previously disparate sources of information into one central location. By pairing these traditional resources with a powerful new report-generating data portal, California has made great strides towards the ideal of transparency and improved access to valuable knowledge of the California’s energy efficiency industry. The site is still in Beta, though, and is looking for feedback. Check it out at the link below and tell them what you think.

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