CakeSystems Announces New DSM Program Data Platform

CakeSystems™ Announces New Expanded Dashboard Feature

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB),  January 15, 2014

CakeSystems’ Dashboard is a robust DSM (Demand-Side Management) module that allows energy efficiency programs to easily track program statistics and rebates for the residential, multi-family, commercial and industrial customer sectors. Dashboard was designed to be configurable; able to meet the varying needs of any individual program or for a suite of DSM programs. “In working with more than 20 leading energy efficiency programs in the US, we have gained a lot of insight into how program managers need to work with their data to ensure compliance and achieve savings goals. Everything we have designed in Dashboard, from the all-clickable user-interface to the map/list/ad hoc report generator, was founded on our belief in simplifying processes to make life easier for program managers,” said Brandon Gallagher, chief technology officer.

As a program management interface, Dashboard allows energy efficiency programs to view, track and report on its programs easily and effectively. With Dashboard, users are able to access detailed program data that provides deep analysis, greatly improving a manager’s effectiveness. It allows programs to track individual users (professional and consumer) in each stage of the retrofit process pipeline. In addition, Dashboard fully supports any HPXML-compliant audit software tool and can be configured to calculate energy savings (utilizing either modeled energy savings or deemed savings). On the back end, Dashboard can be structured to support multi-stage rebate/incentive processing.

About CakeSystems 
CakeSystems is a highly configurable, energy efficiency software as a service (SaaS) platform. The SaaS platform is modular, configurable, and flexible enough to meet the needs of any efficiency program. Founded on the energy efficiency expert Michael Blasnik’s SIMPLE algorithm, CakeSystems has grown into an end-to-end suite of program management tools.