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CA AB 2581 Will Hinder State’s Ability to Set Efficiency Standards

CFA: AB 2581 a significant step backward for California

Fierce Energy, September 18, 2014

The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and Consumer Action (CA) have stepped up to oppose AB 2581 on the grounds that it would “undermine California’s ability to continue the leadership role it has played in setting efficiency standards for over a quarter of a century” and are urging Governor Jerry Brown to veto the bill as passed by the legislature.

According to the bill summary, AB 2581, introduced by Democratic State Assemblyman Steven Bradford, would improve the regulatory processes of the California Energy Commission (CEC) by requiring the use of current data in energy-efficiency proceedings and allowing the elimination of regulations that are duplicative or inconsistent with federal or state law, as well as instruct the CEC to adopt by regulation or standards voluntary agreements that promote energy efficiency.

The groups take specific offense to the effect of the bill on the CEC’s ability to set appliance standards, which will make it harder for the state to meet its energy and climate goals, ultimately resulting in higher energy bills for Californians. In fact, the groups want the appliance standards sections of AB 2581 stricken altogether, claiming they are “unnecessary and counterproductive” and would be a “significant step backward for California and consumers nationwide.”

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