Brewing Big Returns on Energy Efficient Investments

Brewing Industry- Untapped Source for Energy Efficiency

Daily Energy Report, September 3, 2013

From small craft brewers, to large scale industrial brewing operations, brewing is energy intensive business that can yield big returns on EE investments.

A recent global survey by the Dutch Brewers Association revealed that breweries have reduced their energy usage by over 9% and water usage by over 17% over the last four years.

The Worldwide Brewery Industry Water and Energy Benchmarking Survey, conducted by Campden BRI every four years, included 225 breweries, which represented almost one third of the world’s beer production.   The study provides benchmarks for brewing industry measure improvements in operations.

The study certainly seems to align with case studies cropping up around the country. Brewers are reporting striking achievements in reducing the environmental impact of their operations, achieving cost and operation savings while supporting environmental and community development goals.

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