Commercial and Industrial Customer Engagement

Increase Success with Industrial Customer Engagement by Partnering with Trade Allies

Bruce Harrington for Zondits, November 3, 2013

Many efficiency programs around the US use trade allies as part of the delivery model to improve commercial and industrial customer engagement. Efficiency Maine has elevated that relationship to a “partnership” by training and certifying contractors, suppliers, manufacturer’s reps, and consultants for an advanced level of program participation. Efficiency Maine has always relied upon the trades as an integral part of the program delivery model. A Qualified Partner (QP) program was implemented consisting of a mandatory half-day training session, a commitment to minimum program participation levels, maintained insurance, and QC procedures. Prior to the QP program there were a large number of contractors on the Efficiency Maine list but less than 10% were contributing to project identification and completion. Program participation benefits include:

  • Training on energy efficiency cross cutting and industrial process technologies
  • Access to their own project status web page
  • Direct access to Efficiency Maine technical staff
  • Monthly electronic newsletter with program updates and technical information
  • Participation in an Efficiency Maine QP advisory committee
  • Annual performance awards
  • Increase in business opportunities as a result of Efficiency Maine promotional efforts

The results of the Qualified Partner program include better defined and documented projects, valuable program design feedback, better representation of Efficiency Maine to commercial and industrial customers, and increased interest in the program by trade allies with historically low participation rates.

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