The Benefits of Advanced Thermostats

Advanced Thermostats: What They Offer the Nonresidential Sector

Mike Rovito for Zondits,  August 15, 2013

Advanced thermostats communicate to the Internet, enabling visibility and control of HVAC systems via the web. Communication capabilities create opportunities for energy and demand savings through smarter controls and enhanced HVAC performance management by maintenance staff. Additionally, the advanced thermostats can integrate with and control other energy consuming systems, such as lighting. The combination of these features suggests that advanced thermostats have the potential to fulfill the original savings promised by programmable thermostats; massively increase the available data on HVAC performance; change the relationship between the HVAC unit and maintenance staff; and become the central building block of modular and cheaper energy management systems. Significant knowledge gaps must be addressed before this potential can be fulfilled, particularly regarding the communications architecture that underlies advanced thermostats. Here is the presentation on Advanced Thermostats by Michael Rovito of Energy and Resource Solutions:


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