Baltimore Gas & Electric Company Sees Savings Through EE Programs

Gita Subramony for Zondits, April 30, 2014

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company’s (BGE) energy efficiency program recently assisted Towson University with a major efficiency overhaul. The university received $1.7 million in incentives to implement a variety of energy conservation measures. As a result Towson’s campus will reduce its energy consumption by 8.2 million kWh and see cost savings of over $1 million annually. BGE continues to incentive energy efficiency. Overall, customers have saved over 1.8 billion kWh a year through BGE’s initiatives.


Customers, utility benefit from energy efficiency program

Fierce Energy, April 22, 2014

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company’s (BGE) energy efficiency program is paying huge dividends — especially for Towson University (TU), who recently implemented a variety of energy efficiency upgrades across the campus with the help of the utility’s Smart Energy Savers Program.

TU received incentives for the installation of lighting, occupancy controls and other energy-efficient features in campus buildings.

BGE provided TU with $1.7 million in energy incentives to help fund the energy-efficient upgrades and improvement projects. A campus-wide lighting upgrade partially funded through the program updated nearly 35,000 light fixtures and installed 10,000 occupancy sensors across 38 buildings, reducing the university’s lighting energy consumption by more than 25 percent.

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