Aligning OneNYC Initiatives with State Energy Efficiency Goals

Remote control: City energy plan depends on Albany

Capital New York, June 2, 2015. Image credit: tpsdave

The OneNYC plan, the legally mandated, four-year update to PlaNYC, has seven energy-related initiatives as part of an overall goal to reduce city emissions. Of those, four are either state initiatives already underway or beyond the city’s purview.

That program was launched in September of last year and aims to reduce emissions from the city’s building stock as part of a goal to cut greenhouse gases by 80 percent from 2005.

The OneNYC plan also aims to “increase the share of wind power in the City’s power mix,” though the potential for wind generation within city limits is limited by the city’s architecture. Significant wind power can be produced offshore but the most recent proposal to build an offshore wind farm nearby was nixed by the Long Island Power Authority, another Cuomo-controlled agency.

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