Airbnb Partners with Nest

Gita Subramony for Zondits, September 10, 2014

Popular hotel alternative rental website Airbnb recently claimed that their users consume less energy in their rental units compared to standard hotel guests. The report suggested that Airbnb guests consume 63% less energy than hotel guests. Airbnb is using this study to target socially conscious users  by playing up the environmentally friendly aspects of their service. As a further step Airbnb has partnered with Nest, a smart thermostat maker, to offer its hosts free thermostats. The partnership gives consumers greater exposure to Nest while it helps Airbnb market their services to a certain target segment, all while reducing energy consumption.


Nest’s New Partnership With Airbnb Is About More Than Energy Savings

GreenTech Efficiency, September 4, 2014

Starting today, select Airbnb hosts will be given free Nest thermostats to install in their apartments and homes.

The partnership is being billed as a way to make the rental service more environmentally friendly. It’s also a shrewd business move for Nest.

In July, Airbnb released its own self-commissioned study, conducted by the Cleantech Group, that concluded its North American users consume 63 percent less energy than guests who use standard hotels. The study was based on survey results from 8,000 hosts and guests about appliance use and transportation habits, which were then compared to the top-performing hotels that have implemented energy savings measures.

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