Agrion to Host Roundtable on Crowdsourcing Sustainable Development

Cleantech & Sustainability Experts from CEFIA, GE, Breaking Energy & More Convene in NYC this January to Discuss Crowdsourcing for Sustainable Development

New York, NY (PRWEB,) January 10, 2014

As legislation supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency financing has lagged, investors and project developers are looking to a new approach to cleantech investment: crowdsourcing innovation. While Solar Mosaic is the most prominent example of crowdsourcing for the purposes of clean energy deployment, there are many ways that crowdsourcing/open innovation can work to promote these sectors by aggregating consumer demand, enterprising ideas, gathering data, and financing.

CEFIA, the Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority, is one such company that has spearheaded this initiative through the SolarizeCt program, which aims to drive residential solar deployment through community-based campaign involvement. Benjamin Healey, Senior Manager at CEFIA says that “crowdsourcing aggregates demand, lowering both customer acquisition costs for solar installers and prices for consumers.”

In order to get a better understanding of how sustainability experts can tap into the crowd to support clean energy innovation, AGRION will host aroundtable discussion on this topic on January 14th in New York City. Speakers from CEFIA, GE Ventures, Clean Data Project, Pure Energy Partners, and Breaking Energy will share with an interactive audience the benefits, challenges, and future opportunities of open innovation for clean energy and sustainability. Interested participants can find registration information here.

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