Advanced Embedded HMI in BAS Increases EE While Improving Productivity and Safety

Integrated Automation Systems Improve Building Automation

Automated Buildings, February 10, 2014

A monumental shift is occurring in building automation. The formerly separate silos of security, HVAC and lighting control are being replaced by a completely integrated building automation system (BAS) that maximizes energy efficiency while also providing greater comfort and safety for the people living and working inside these structures.

The initial transformation of what once were largely mechanically driven systems into IT-based solutions was the result of the introduction of affordable controllers, PCs, Windows-based software, and better communication networks, particularly Ethernet.

Today, the Internet and its related technologies are ushering in the next generation of building automation, which delivers efficiency gains through easier and more integrated control. From smart buildings to the smart grid, new solutions offering easier remote connectivity and interoperability among different machines and systems will drive the BAS market.

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