Adiabatic Cooling: Increasing Efficiency, Producing Savings, & Cutting Costs

Emerson Launches First Adiabatic Freecooling Chiller

Datacenter Dynamics, May 5, 2014

Emerson’s Network Power division claims it has invented the world’s first adiabatic freecooling chiller, whose energy efficiency could save the average data center £40,000 a year.

It claimed the power used by data center cooling units could be cut by a third by using its newly pioneered thermal management techniques.

The Liebert AFC aims to maximise freecooling all year while offering 100% cooling availability under the conditions of power fluctuation, water shortages and external air temperature extremities.

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How to Add Adiabatic Cooling to Your Refrigeration Plant

Carbon Trust, May 16, 2014

Fitting adiabatic cooling to your air-cooled refrigeration plant will improve its efficiency and save you both energy and money.

Adiabatic cooling involves spraying water into the air supply of an air-cooled condenser to pre-cool the air. Cooler air increases the effective capacity of the condenser, which reduces the work required of the refrigeration compressor. This means that your system will consume less energy, saving you money. You’ll make most of your savings during warm weather – adiabatic cooling is usually turned off when it’s cold.

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