Achieving Higher Levels Efficiency with Industrial Process HMI Panels

AIS Expands with Industrial Process Automation, HMI Touch Panels for Easy Visualization of Processes, Control and Monitoring for Seamless Integration into Process Automation Systems

Thomasnet, June 8, 2015. Image credit: ProtoplasmaKid

AIS’s Industry 4.0, M2M & IoT HMI Panels Equipped for Process Automation Applications are used for Water & Wastewater Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Automotive Manufacturing Operations

AIS’s Rugged Industrial Process Automation HMIs Help Oil & Gas Operations Achieve Higher Levels of Energy Efficiency While Lowering Overall Production Costs
In Oil & Gas and the petrochemical industry, energy costs can represent 30 to 50% of the total production cost. Factory and plants want their process automation control systems and production equipment to deliver the highest output while utilizing the least amount of energy. AIS’s Process Automation HMI Touch Panels are energy efficient devices utilizing the latest Intel processor technologies and a fan-less construction to help achieve energy reduction goals. Reducing energy is only part of the equation in lowering overall production costs for customers. They also help industrial process facilities lower costs by reducing maintenance and service costs. A fully modular, scalable design and construction in their new family of intelligent HMI touch panel solutions means an easy and cost-effective upgrade path is available. Finally, this new series of HMIs offer “no moving parts” as they utilize Solid State hard drives. With fewer components to fail, this means higher reliability and higher uptime, which translates into higher profits.

Determining Operating Modes and Optimal Plant Strategies are executed with AIS’s Industrial Touchscreen HMI Displays & Third Party Software
AIS’s Industrial Process Automation HMI touch panel interfaces are optimized to meet any human machine interface needs using open and standardized interfaces, which allows for efficient integration into Process Automation Systems. AIS’s robust, M2M touchscreens help display measurements to show not only how the plant is working, but simulate different operating modes and find the optimal strategy for the plant. Combined with third party SCADA software, AIS’s HMI’s become a powerful SCADA control and monitoring system and have the ability to learn and predict trends – helping speed up the response time to changing conditions. Predictive maintenance is another way that AIS’s industrial HMI touch panels reduce maintenance costs and planned downtime, while improving productivity and performance in process manufacturing applications. AIS control, monitoring and visualizations solutions regulate process automation equipment. Running at the optimum speed with less energy consumed, they help ensure the quality consistency. The less energy consumed producing products that are defective also equates to additional energy savings. AIS Industrial Process Automation Touch Panel HMIs forecast when maintenance is needed, so less time and energy is spent stopping and restarting equipment for routine inspections. This all adds up to lower energy consumption and costs thereby improving a process plants’ overall bottom line.

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