ACEEE Releases 2015 International Scorecard Self-Scoring Tool

How does your country rank for energy efficiency?

ACEEE, August 19, 2015. Image credit: geralt

Evaluating how countries use energy provides valuable information necessary to identify energy waste, improve energy systems, and promote smarter economic growth. An efficient economy is one that minimizes its energy needs while providing better access to goods and services.

We leverage this expertise to understand how other countries manage their energy. Today ACEEE released the 2015 International Scorecard Self-Scoring Tool. Anybody can use this Excel-based tool to analyze the status of energy efficiency in their country or province, and compare themselves with the largest economies of the world.

The tool is based on the 2014 ACEEE International Energy Efficiency Scorecard, which is our second comparative study of energy efficiency policies and performance across the 16 top economies of the world. Countries examined include the United States, China, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Canada, and Australia, along with the European Union as a whole. New entrants in the 2014 race were India, Spain, Mexico, and South Korea. In the analysis, we evaluate each of these economies using 31 metrics in four sectors: national efforts, industry, buildings, and transportation. The new self-scoring tool reflects these advancements in our analysis. The tool also has a more user-friendly interface than the first version.

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