Building Efficiency

SMUD to Continue Saving Businesses Money through Efficiency Program Extension

SMUD to extend energy-efficiency programs to save businesses money

Sacramento Business Journal, August 20, 2014 

For a third year, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District expects to extend a pair of energy-savings programs that can help businesses save money. Each program costs the public utility about $3 million per year.

The utility offers subsidies in both programs that can pay for up to 80 percent of the cost of upgrades. The customer then benefits from the ongoing energy savings — typically a 20 percent savings in electricity costs.

The largest long-term savings tend to come from updating inefficient air-conditioning systems, according to Bob Kinert, principal energy adviser with SMUD. And recent advances in light-emitting diode technology have dramatically lowered the price and upped the availability of LED systems. For example, a 65-watt incandescent lamp can be replaced by a 9-watt LED lamp with the same amount of lumens, and LED lamps last 20 times longer.

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