Consumer Electronics Energy Use Finally Peaks

Has Consumer Electronics Energy Use Finally Peaked?

The Energy Collective, June 28, 2014

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) just issued its latest report on the amount of electricity used by consumer electronics (CE) and the good news is that it’s finally begun to come down. However, the total is still enormous — equal to the output of more than 50 large polluting power plants and costing consumers about $20 billion annually.

The CEA analysis entitled “Energy Consumption of Consumer Electronics in U.S. Homes in 2013” found their electricity use had declined to 12 percent of total residential consumption last year. This drop from 13.2 percent in 2010 comes after years of rapid growth due to the increasing number of gadgets in our homes and the huge amounts of energy required to operate the first generation of digital TVs and high-definition set top boxes.

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