4 Facts about Energy Efficiency

4 Reasons You Should Care About Energy Efficiency

The Huffington Post, September 22, 2015. Image credit: TanteTati

1) Companies in the energy-efficiency industry are innovative, well supported and, best of all, huge job creators.

The United States economy is still recovering from 2008’s economic collapse. To continue its growth, creative companies with strong balance sheets and the ability to employ people domestically will fuel the economy’s return to full strength.

Did you know companies in the energy efficiency space meet all those criteria?

2) Businesses are discovering energy efficiency investments provide a higher and faster return-on-investment (ROI).

Once businesses discover how much money is escaping through energy system inefficiencies, they start investigating energy efficiency. With new command-and-control software linking all of the energy-assets within a site, facility managers can control energy distribution precisely. Think of it this way: Now facility managers can do with massive energy systems what homeowners are already doing through technology like the Nest thermostat and LED light bulbs.

3) Energy efficiency is easier to implement and operate than ever before.

Homeowners are discovering how easy it is to implement energy efficiency monitors like eMonitor and eGauge. These devices allow homeowners to see their energy use in real-time and adjust accordingly to lower their energy costs. Now, the same level of energy efficiency monitoring is available to facility managers at the largest and most complex and critical facilities. And the industry’s leading companies will not only install the systems, but monitor them for their customers, too.

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