AR Releases 2015 Guide to Refrigeration & Freezers

Cool Change! AR’s Ultimate Guide to Refrigeration and Freezers for Summer 2015

Appliance Retailer, December 2, 2014

Buying a refrigerator or freezer is still largely a grudge purchase, with consumers only showing interest in the category when their existing models breaks down and the milk starts to warm.

But once they arrive in stores, there are plenty of brands offering innovative new features to pleasantly surprise, including new form factors, more efficient energy use and specially regulated compartments to keep food fresher for longer.

According to Canstar Blue’s recent customer satisfaction survey of 776 adults who purchased a new refrigerator in the last three years, energy efficiency was a major purchase decision factor for two-thirds of survey respondents. Furthermore, 44 per cent said they would replace their fridge if they thought they could save money on running costs.

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