See It Here First: The 2014 ACEEE State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

The 2014 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

ACEEE, October 22, 2014

Conversations about energy use in the United States often revolve around the need to support the growth of our national economy by expanding the energy supply. In fact, however, we have a resource that is cleaner, cheaper, and quicker to deploy than building new supply—energy efficiency. Energy efficiency improvements help businesses, governments, and consumers meet their needs by using less energy. Efficiency saves money, drives investment across all sectors of the economy, creates jobs, and reduces the environmental impacts of the energy production system.

Governors, legislators, regulators, and citizens are increasingly recognizing that energy efficiency is a crucially important state resource. In fact, many innovative policies and programs that promote energy efficiency originated in states. The 2014 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard reflects these successes through a comprehensive analysis of state efforts to support energy efficiency.

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