Customer Engagement in the Industrial Sector

Approaches to Promote Energy Projects to Industrial Customers

Gary Epstein with Brian McCowan, Mark D’Antonio, and Chris Smith for Zondits, January 6, 2014

The industrial sector is the most difficult sector to involve in the implementation of efficiency and renewable energy projects. Although it shares many facility-based end uses (lighting, HVAC) and potential measures with the commercial sector, these areas are not industry’s greatest concern. Typically the energy dollars spent on the production of product is dramatically higher than facility end use system expenditure. Approaches to promote energy projects in the industrial sector necessitate an enhanced understanding of the site-specific production process involved and must address potential measures in a way that improves rather than detracts from reliability and productivity.

This presentation discusses some highly effective programmatic approaches that have demonstrated considerable success (in promoting both energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the industrial sector. Such success is realized through motivated participation; supported and guided participants; cost-effective projects; and an expanding base of energy efficiency.

Examples of these program approaches and case studies of several unique projects will be discussed in detail. These will include the Steinway & Sons’ innovative solar absorption-driven chiller and the Maine ski industry’s efficient snowmaking technologies.

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