The 14 Rs of Compressed Air Efficiency

The 14 Rs of compressed air efficiency

Plant Services, January 31, 2014

Educational institutions have realized the need for emphasizing the basics, sometimes referred to as the three Rs — reading, ’riting and ’rithmetic. There are also several basic Rs to be kept in mind if you want to install, operate, and maintain an efficient compressed air system:

  1. reduce leakage losses
  2. reduce pressure at points of use
  3. reduce pressure at source (compressors)
  4. reduce system pressure fluctuations using adequately sized and located air receivers and controls
  5. reduce number of partially loaded compressors to only one
  6. remove inappropriate applications
  7. reduce system pressure drop losses with properly sized piping and valves
  8. remove moisture content of compressed air with the proper type and size of dryers
  9. remove condensate without loss of compressed air
  10. reduce downtime through preventive maintenance
  11. record system data and maintenance
  12. review air usage patterns regularly
  13. recover heat
  14. reduce energy costs (return on investment and cost of operation).
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